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Few Common terms used in Pokies


pokie games


Pokie games are the simplest games found in online casinos. A Random number Generator is used by these systems to spin the symbols. This is done over different reels and a particular set of symbols helps you to win. Before every spin the player is expected to make a bet and predict that all the symbols will line up on the reels. Here is a look at some of the common terms used in pokie games. This game is very popular as can be seen at http://www.pokiesonline.me/.


1. Pay-line: This is used to describe the line that is present over the reels. The appearance of 2 or 3 matching symbols is required for you to win. The Payouts are then given according to the PayTable that is shown on the side of any online pokies game.

2. Wild Symbol: This is an important feature of pokie games and can help in maximizing your winnings. It is the most valuable symbol in the entire game and if it shows up on your screen, then that means you are in for a big payout. Getting this symbol on all the reels will usually mean that you have won the jackpot.

3. Scatter Symbols: These are another set of symbols that can help you make a good profit. If any of these symbols appear on the screen, it means that you will be entering a bonus round or getting free spins. The bonus rounds can be very helpful in making more money and doubling that amount that you have already won.

4. Bonus rounds: These are special rounds that you will be allowed to play if you get a winning combination. These rounds will give you the chance to increase winnings by a hefty margin. But be careful which bonus rounds you choose to play. Some of the riskier ones can end up in you losing the money that you have won.

5. Free Spins: These are spins in which you don’t have to make a bet. So you are basically being allowed to play the game free for that spin. Many online casino websites offer a good number of complimentary free spins to players when they become members. There are also other incentives with free spins. Many pokie games will give you a special multiplier if you hit a winning combination in a free spin round.

Knowing the meaning and usage of these pokie terms should help you become a much better player. Use these in your strategy to make maximum winnings at pokies.


As the rest of the world continue to try their luck by spinning slot machine wheels in online or offline mode, Australians try their luck by playing the Australian Pokies. For some in the United States, the term Pokies might be new. Pokies is nothing but the Australian equivalent of a slot machine. The term came in to prominence when video poker machines slot machines were present in pubs across Australia. People started to refer to both the machines by using the slang word “pokies“. The word caught on in Australia, while, the rest of the world continued to call it as slot machines.

Payout Percentages in Australian Pokies

According to the laid down rules, pokies in Australia must have a minimum payout percentage of 87%. In Australia, there are no pokies that come with a pay back over 100%. The pay back for each machine is fixed at a certain level by the machine manufacturer. In Australia, Aristocrat is one of the major manufacturers of poking machines.

Australian Online Pokies

Australian online Pokies are much more advanced than the pokies that one can find in Australian clubs, pubs Casinos. Australian club or casino pokies come with three reel with one line options or three reel with three lines or three lines with five lines. Australian online pokies come in a wider range that include five reels with five lines, five reels with fifteen lines, with twenty lines, with twenty five lines, with thirty lines, with forty lines, with fifty lines, with hundred lines, with two hundred lines three hundred lines. Some of the popular online Australian pokies include Emu Casino, Winner Casino Australia Casino Mate online casino Australia

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Range of Options provided by the Popular Australian online Pokies

Emu Casino Australia provides AU $10 as kick start cash bonus for a first time player. Additionally Emu provides a number of promotional offers such as Match deposit bonuses, increased cash back weeks and Casino races. As with the tradition in all the Australian Casinos, players can make easy and secure transfers to their Emu account using the POLi method.

Winner online casino features an exciting range of more than 400 games designed by one of the leading game developers, PlayTech. Winner online casino provides a special offer of free AU $30 to try the casino with no deposit required. They also have a first month bonus pack where the players have the chance to claim $1,250 in bonuses.

Casino mate online casino lets the player to have great fun in playing with iconic Australian figures like Kangaroo, Koala bear and the Sydney Opera House. Casino Mate provides AU$2000 bonus offer for the player to player in practice mode. Players get 1 hour of slot time during the practice period with real casino credits.

There exist various kinds of the online poker sites that are the known fact. Every variation of the online poker rooms essentially bear a fact to the basic principle, although all is very different in one way and another – you are supposed to win Showdown phase where you show to your opponent and your combination of the cards as well as show you have better set when compared to the opponents. Chance to call, raise and fold is provided to you through a game, these chances are granted to opponents. In all the variations, main determiner to win is bluffing skills and combination of the cards.

Texas Hold’em Variation

The Texas Hold’em is one kind of the online poker, which is most popular and this variation is one generally used in the tournaments. It is played by poker players online thus; expect to meet all types of the players here, challenging and mediocre. The game is played by 2 to 10 players.

You are assigned with 2 private cards and other 5 are the community cards that everyone in poker round may use. There is enough time to select on folding, calling or rising, as there are 4 betting rounds. Culmination of this game is in a showdown phase.

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Omaha Hold’em

Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi Lo are 2 respected types of the Omaha Hold’em, the poker variation played popularly in poker online. 4 private cards are given to an individual player in the variation. 5 community cards exist, and 3 of which is merged with 2 private cards of a player. In final Showdown, remaining best 5 card combination wins a game – in Omaha Hi. No matter, if the winner is a player having highest and lowest value of the card combination is agreed before a game – in the Omaha Hi Lo.

Seven Cards Stud and Seven Card High Low

Not like 2 poker variations mentioned, the Seven Card Stud and Seven High Low can holding 2 to 8 players only. Game’s rigid nature perhaps causes of that and 3 private cards are dealt to every player, whereas there are 4 community cards.

Blackjack Online is the most popular, interesting and popular online casino card games. In order, to make sure you do not lose, then you have to be aware of basic rules of a game. You have to know when you can hit, when to double or when to take the insurance. Every decision that you take may have the significant impact on final outcome of a game.

Rules of a Game

Your objective when playing the blackjack must be to beat a dealer and in this game, both you and dealer may start a game with 2 cards each. Casino dealer may have a single card faced down and other card faced up while you will get both cards, which are faced-up. After getting your cards, you may ask for more and more cards by saying, “Hit.” Also, you may continue to hit till you bust or else are satisfied with the number.

After this, you may split pair, double and take the insurance. After you choose and play your turn, it is casino dealer’s turn for playing. Until dealer beats you and goes bust, he or she may continue to hit. Also, you may win a game if, at an end, you have better hand (closer to 21) than casino dealer does.

Also, you can opt to double instantly after getting the first 2 cards; but, in case you do so, then you will not get more than 1 card. Alternatively, dealer may have a liberty to continue hitting till he or she beats you and goes bust.

In case, at a beginning of game the casino dealer is faced-up card is ace, and you may consider taking the insurance. In such case, if casino dealer has the blackjack, then you will surely lose a hand; but, you may retrieve lost amount like you had opted for the insurance. In case, dealer does not have the blackjack, then you will win a game just by having the better hand, however lose an amount that you bet on the insurance. In case, you are dealing with the pair, then you may select to split.

In case, you are playing baccarat you are participating in the game, which is very simple to learn, is fun & has surprisingly very good odds. Here we may look at baccarat game rules to play and strategies that may soon keep you playing just like the pro. Goal while playing online Baccarat is just to draw two and three card hand with the value closer to nine than banker’s hand.

Value of Cards

While you play the baccarat cards have following playtech casinos list

o The numbered cards have the face value.

o Ten, Jack, Queen & King count as Zero.

o Ace counts as one.

o In case, value of the cards is more than 10, then you subtract ten. So 8 to 9 hand totals seven (after subtracting ten from seventeen)

Playing the baccarat

2 hands are actually dealt 1 for Banker and 1 for Player. Before deal, player wagers on whether Player’s hand or Banker’s hand is very close to total of nine. Player as well has an option to wager on the tie that is both hands are same value Baccarat is the card game, which is been dealt from the shoe, which holds six and eight decks. Prior to hands are dealt, the bets are placed. When bets are placed, banker hand & player hand are actually dealt according to the fixed rules, and giving the final hands of 2 or 3 cards. Value of the hand is been determined by adding values of the cards for getting the total. Tens & face cards are also counted as 0, whereas other cards are also counted by number of the “pips” on card face. Only last digit of total is been used, thus all the baccarat hands have the values in range 0 – 9 inclusive.

Since ancient days, people are prone to the adventures of online casino games. Few of them may search for mountaineering, few may look for horse riding and few may try to cross-river against a wave. It is a subdued spirit, which has made people very desperate for the thrills in different forms. People have as well dared to cross a glacier forgetting risk of the lives. Unluckily the modern civilization and stressful lives also have forced many people to search for an alternative arrangement to satiate the desire of adventures. Pure entertaining casino games online are amazing alternative to a legitimate people.

Fun online casino games are made to suit different types of personality, for example in case, you are person who doesn’t like to think a lot, and is interested in fun of the good name. You may want to think about engaging slots and this is very exiting game, and needs less strategy but maintains an aspect of excitement and fun coupled with the high chances of your win.

You are advised not engaging on this till they have known to play and follow rules of online slot casino game. For the pure strategy games, look out poker, and with this you don’t generally rely on the chances. Your play and strategy is what may guarantee your wins. Prior to engaging in the poker you should know much in case, you want to succeed. The Video Poker is the popular game for most of the casino online professionals.

Craps and ken is another famous game online, one should have lots of wins in free game online demo prior to playing live games. Knowledge on playing is available on most of the web sites. When you log in, checkout how you can play and strategy articles on how to start. Gambling online forums can be a good place for finding some playing tips. It is very important to note your gambling experience online that may depend on which site online you are using. So, for best experiences select the reputable web sites that have the high sign-up bonuses that are coupled with some other offers to help you to get most from the gambling activities online.