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Few Common terms used in Pokies


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Pokie games are the simplest games found in online casinos. A Random number Generator is used by these systems to spin the symbols. This is done over different reels and a particular set of symbols helps you to win. Before every spin the player is expected to make a bet and predict that all the symbols will line up on the reels. Here is a look at some of the common terms used in pokie games. This game is very popular as can be seen at http://www.pokiesonline.me/.


1. Pay-line: This is used to describe the line that is present over the reels. The appearance of 2 or 3 matching symbols is required for you to win. The Payouts are then given according to the PayTable that is shown on the side of any online pokies game.

2. Wild Symbol: This is an important feature of pokie games and can help in maximizing your winnings. It is the most valuable symbol in the entire game and if it shows up on your screen, then that means you are in for a big payout. Getting this symbol on all the reels will usually mean that you have won the jackpot.

3. Scatter Symbols: These are another set of symbols that can help you make a good profit. If any of these symbols appear on the screen, it means that you will be entering a bonus round or getting free spins. The bonus rounds can be very helpful in making more money and doubling that amount that you have already won.

4. Bonus rounds: These are special rounds that you will be allowed to play if you get a winning combination. These rounds will give you the chance to increase winnings by a hefty margin. But be careful which bonus rounds you choose to play. Some of the riskier ones can end up in you losing the money that you have won.

5. Free Spins: These are spins in which you don’t have to make a bet. So you are basically being allowed to play the game free for that spin. Many online casino websites offer a good number of complimentary free spins to players when they become members. There are also other incentives with free spins. Many pokie games will give you a special multiplier if you hit a winning combination in a free spin round.

Knowing the meaning and usage of these pokie terms should help you become a much better player. Use these in your strategy to make maximum winnings at pokies.